PPC Campaigns - Google Ads & Facebook Ads

PPC Campaigns are your paid marketing with google, Instagram, Facebook and other advertising platforms. Your PPC Campaigns are calculated on a pay per click basis and is one of the best ways to build exposure to your business. PPC campaigns with google are ran in tandem with SEO services to provide the best outcome for organic and paid for rankings. 

We support the building of PPC campaign strategies and execution; along with monitoring, reporting, optimizing and improving campaigns for ultimate success. The campaigns we have strategized and manage are seeing over 15% conversion rates; with under $1.00 CPC. We provide bi-weekly analytics reports, optimization updates and recommendations for improving the PPC campaign. We oversee the execution and recommendations; however, we do share adjustments to the strategy with clients to keep them informed of improvements. 

How do PPC Campaigns Work?

PPC campaigns regardless of the platform, will show an ad (text, display, video) with a link and CTA to a customer based on a set of keywords associated with that ad. Our management of your PPC campaigns doesn’t just manage the ad spend or the ads, we also review the analytics behind what is working and what is not, focusing on getting high quality conversions; and understanding the connection between your ads and your landing page. 


The connection between your ad and your landing page is going to be directly correlated to the conversions that you receive. If a user is expecting one thing (based on the ad) and the landing page doesn’t deliver the one thing they were expecting, they won’t convert. We ensure that not only are your ads converting to views on your website; but that the website is converting as well. Beyond Marketing has a team of Conversion Rate Optimization specialists and strategists that ensure your ads are converting. There is nothing worse then throwing away money because your website isn’t converting. 

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