How to Use an Editorial Calendar

Using an Editorial Calendar for content creation.

Editorial Calendar is used to assist individuals or teams in making sure that the right content is developed, published and promoted according to the specifics of a plan. The editorial calendar functions as a plan for content development. Both initially and ongoing.

The editorial calendar will outline the topics, responsible party, where it should be posted, where it should be promoted, when it should be posted, when it should be promoted.

Here is an example of an editorial calendar that we use for our clients and our company here at Beyond Marketing, feel free to download and use for your content marketing strategies.

Usually the editorial calendar will also include a message and audience identifiers to ensure successful campaigns. This plan is designed to provide a schedule for blogging, video blogging, updating a website, sharing information on social media sites. The editorial calendar is a critical component for a business that relies on content and social sharing for developing a growing audience and bringing attention to the company.

The editorial calendar is a critical component of the content marketing strategy for a business. The editorial calendar should outline a year at a glance, and then month by month a more detailed layout of what to expect.